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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Errand day and homeschooling

Ok, I feel awful. We did no schooling today. It was one of those long days full of errands.

First we dropped Junior at Mother's Day Out, then Daisy had piano lessons. After piano we went to the teacher supply store in town to see if they had insect pins, for pinning an insect collection. They didn't but they did have this cool thing to look through so you could see how it would be to see with an insect eye.

I called over at the college town nearby and one store said they had them. They didn't, it was the wrong kind of pins. Since we were there, we tried every college bookstore and none had them, although one did have a great book on Rembrandt clearanced.

So then we drove back to town, went by the forestry department and talked to the guy doing our 4-H. We found out what the caterpillars we have been collecting are, more about the mole cricket,saw some cool looking Harlequin bugs, and some other cool info. He mentioned that he had done a insect collection in college and that is what lit the spark that told him what to do for his career.

We picked up Junior and then came home. The kids caught more insects (the freezer is full of them), until it was time for Daisy's softball practice.

Hmmm, I guess on thinking about it, we did science, geography, art, and physical education. Not as bad as I thought. We did alot more than I realized.

And Daisy practiced her poem for our local groups Charlotte Mason Poetry Tea.

More about that later.

Oh, and the insect pins will have to be ordered online, Grrrrrrrr

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