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Sunday, February 22, 2009

how differences can work for us

After the first day of competition we went to a late breakfast at Ihop and Daisy wanted to try something new, so she got the cheese omelet. She really liked it, but was interested in trying one of the fancier omelets (specifically the spinach and mushroom with hollandaise sauce, yep my kids eat weird).

I told her that her dad makes awesome omelets. So while he was telling her how (cuz she asked), I started thinking about our drastically different cooking styles.

Hubby excels at stuff like omelets, chicken fried steak, one pot "throw togethers," hamburgers and stuff like that.

My omelets look like scrambled egg, I am doing better at the throw togethers but its not my comfort zone.

But I made my first loaf of yeast white bread at 13 (Mom was out of town and Dad had no idea what a mess it would make). Baking is still one of my favorite ways to cook.

Until recently a good portion of the meals I cooked used pasta in some way (hubby didn't really like pasta that much in the beginning).

I do stuff with the odd tools in the kitchen, I do canning, pressure cooking, and alot of stuff in the crock-pot.

I love experimenting with new recipes. Hubby will look up a few versions of a recipe and then go in the kitchen and make something up.

These drastically different cooking styles are great when looking at our kids. Hubby can teach them how to flip stuff in the pan (he says he can teach me too) and I can teach them how to bake, not just following the recipe but if it looks right.

I can teach them how to make an amazing homemade gravy (hubby uses a mix) but he can teach them how to do the chicken fried steak.

By the time we have taught our kids what we each know, they will be amazing in the kitchen and will hopefully be fearless.

And that is one way differences can work for us and not against us. What about you?


  1. Wow - that is a fun way to look at differences... I'll have to think about that with my husband and I. :-)

  2. Can you teach me too? I wish I had more of a knack for baking, but I really don't. I am all about one pot meals and simple stuff. The only qualifier is that taste good. How it looks has absolutely no bearing on whether or not it'll wind up in my stomach. Which is why I'm voted Most Likely To Gross Out Co-Workers With Leftovers. :-)

  3. It's neat how He puts two opposites together to complement each other. I do hope that my daughter gets the best of both of us (and not all the yucky stuff).

    I'm with you on baking and pasta! Bring on the carbs!

  4. Whoops, forgot to say that it's very pretty over here. Love your backgrounds and decorations.