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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Literature with Charlotte Bronte

I am a huge bibliophile, I always have been. I read classics for fun and now I am passing on that love to my 10 year old.

Daisy and I are reading for fun Jane Eyre. Ok, I am reading it to her because frankly, it isn't an easy book to read. Even with her just listening I sometimes find myself wondering if she is following the story and then she asks a question or laughs at a funny part. So she is following it, she is even enjoying it. She is wanting to know the solution to the mysteries - why Mr Rochester is keeping Grace Poole in the house, and why Mason wanted to talk to Mrs. Poole - but she doesn't want me to give away any of the plot.

She wants to know if Mr Rochester will choose Blanche or Jane to marry but she is eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

I can't wait until she finds out the answer to the mystery and then I can show her how much richer the hints are that Mr Rochester gives to Jane about what the "error" he made in his youth.

I think each time I read it, I enjoy it more than the previous times. If you haven't read Jane Eyre, you really should because it is very worthy of being called a classic.

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