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Thursday, April 22, 2010

just treading water

Honestly things are better than they were but it has been an incredibly hard couple of months. My father-in-law recently went in the hospital for pneumonia and the kids were pretty sure he was going to die which is understandable after what they have gone through. He is out of the hospital now but still hasn't completely recovered.

We are trying to get back to normal, trying to do normal stuff, but it is still different.

We have been doing kickball and softball - which is great. Some of the homeschool moms are very athletic and are taking it upon themselves to teach the kids the basics. It is very laid back and relaxed and fun, even Mr Negativity loves it - and he can almost always find something to complain about.

Next week is the last week though so it is nearly over.

We had a co-op meeting and I am excited that it will be starting back up in the fall. We are all looking forward to it because we really enjoy co-op.

And we may be getting a good friend to join us, if she can just convince herself that she can homeschool.

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