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Saturday, June 7, 2008


This year 4-H was great. We thouroughly enjoyed entomology, so much that I will be the adult leader next year. Wildlife was fun, and Food and Nutrition was great. This fall we will be doing those, plus maybe rabbits and shooting sports. I have so many ideas for fun activities for entomology. I do have to share an amazing resource The Gloworm I accidentally found it while researching Luna moths. Anyway, if you or your kids are remotely interested in insects, there is alot of fascinating info.

I was talking to a friend about 4-H and she asked if the kids actually learn anything or if it's just another babysitting activity. My first response was "absolutely not!!" but then I begin to think about it.

4-H like any other eduational activity, can teach you an amazing amount or almost nothing. It depends on what the student puts into it. There are wonderful 4-H learning resources, and projects but if you or your child attends but doesn't listen or read anything outside the meetings, then they will get absolutely nothing out of it.

To be honest, we didn't get a whole lot out of Wildlife, (we learned some but not that much) BUT that is completely our fault. All we did was attend the meetings. There was some interesting information learned, all of us can now point out the American Beauty Berry, favorite snack of deer,as well as some other trees.

picture from NC State University

I must admit though that I have become one of THOSE mama's, I push my kids into doing something because I am interested in it. So I don't normally leave them at the meetings, or sit in the car because I am interested in what they are learning too.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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