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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holiday Celebration July module

If you want an ebook packed with facts about the holidays, then the July module is exactly what you are looking for. Celebrate the Holidays is packed with all sorts nuggets of information about many of the major holidays. For instance, did you know that South and Central America also celebrate some version of Columbus Day? They call it other names such as Día de la Raza, Día de las Culturas, and Discovery Day but it is still Columbus day.

In Celebrate the Holidays there are also several fun worksheets, adorable coloring pages, family activities such as bugs on a stick, and 2 delicious sounding recipes. There are also 14 pages of copywork, a wonderful collection of quotes about the holidays from presidents and musicals and everything in between. The copywork will be put to good use in our home and my daughter loves the coloring pages.

In my opinion, this module is not nearly as good as the others I have looked at. I loved God’s World of Extremes, Music Mania and Amusing Mathmatics (I haven’t looked at All About Inventors). They just seemed to have more than this one. I liked Celebrate the Holidays. I just didn’t love it like I loved the others.

I just found out that the person who wrote the July and August Modules is no longer writing them. So if you looked at either of those and didn't really care for them, check out the newer ones. September, October and November were written by someone else who will be continuing to write them. You can look at my reviews of those and other things by looking at the Labels section on the right.

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