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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Art or something like it

Art is typically one of the first things to go because . . . well, it makes a mess. And I have been lax in doing it, partially because Junior treats art as most dreaded torture.

How can kiddie art be torture? Well, I suspect in the nursery at church and mothers-day-out some well meaning little girls told him he was doing it wrong. I don't know this for a fact, but I do have a little girl and I know how they can be.

Plus, I know most of the pictures brought home by him, were not in fact done by him. I would gush over a picture he brought home and he would say "Oh, G (or S or another girl) colored it for me." *


So when I saw this idea at Deep, Space Sparkle I thought we should try it.

It is supposed to be a lesson in symmetry (which I did go over with Daisy). For Junior, it was a lesson in self confidence.

This is the first picture he has ever done (by himself), that he is proud of.

I know. You are thinking "what the heck is that!?" To be honest, I don't really see what it is either but with all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that went into producing it, he is proud.

See Daisy and I kept encouraging him. We even went so far as to say he was the only one who made something that looked like an alien. Daisy's resembled an insect and mine . . . a person with really bad hair. I googled E.T. to show him how his kind-of resembled E.T. (like a bust of E.T.).

We drug him, kicking and screaming (almost) along every step of the project.

But now he wants it to hang on his wall.

So you can see his vision, here is his picture with the parts labeled. I don't know what the big blob at the bottom is, he hasn't said and I couldn't even guess.

The top arrow points at the teeth.

The left arrow points at one of the eyes (the other is on the opposite side)

And the right arrow points to the nose.

I don't "see" it either but I also don't get Picasso.

* I don't resent these little girls, I just know that sometimes they can get too caught up in "doing it right."


  1. Oh! How sweet! I just discovered the book "The Dot" for my own reluctant one-slash-of-color-and-I'm-done 5yo artist. Add it to a list for your next visit to the library:

    The Dot (ISBN 9780763619619) written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

  2. Good luck. My daughter also treated art as dreaded it's not just a gender thing. One day, we were "behind" in our art and music lessons, so I declared an art and music day. I caught her sneaking off between projects to go read her math notebook.

    About fairy houses...I do remember reading about them somewhere. I couldn't for the life of me remember where, but my left-brained daughter tells me there was an article about them in Family Fun magazine.

    My daughter did love building the fairy houses. (She created a Greco/Roman dining pavilion.) Here's a link, which has a couple art extension activities with it as well...

  3. enjoyed reading this...hang up the picture and get ready for more...